GSTC Event – Journey Toward Sustainable Tourism on 9th of June 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the GSTC Event titled “Journey Toward Sustainable Tourism – GSTC Certification Process” which took place on Friday, 9th June 2023, from 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. at the prestigious Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) office located in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are delighted to have collaborated with the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) to organize such a wonderful event and we are grateful for their valuable contributions and support. The event began with an uplifting welcome speech delivered by Ms. Ilaria Zolia, Trade Assistant of the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, setting the tone for an engaging and enlightening session. The presence of Mr. Federico Cardini, the president of the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, further enhanced the significance and prestige of the occasion. During the breakfast talk, our speaker Mr. Luigi Mazzaglia, the General Director of Vireo Srl and GSTC auditor, as well as Mr. Danny Ng, shared their insightful speeches on the topics such as audit experience in the certification of sustainability schemes, the GSTC certification process and the requirements encompassing everything from initial assessment to the final audit. The discussion covered the four main areas evaluated in the certification process: sustainability management, social and economic considerations, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental issues

Furthermore, we would also like to express our appreciation to our client Ms. K. Matawee Mujchapan, the Operations Manager from Centara Hotels & Resorts Thailand for sharing her audit experience and highlighting the importance and benefits of sustainability

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the participations who actively engaged in the discussions and made the event truly memorable. We trust that everyone has learned something new and knowledge gained during the event, inspiring the organization to pursue sustainable initiatives further.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events on Sustainable Tourism.

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