Eco-print© is one of the first certifications of a low environmental impact printing process. It aims to offer guidelines for printing companies that want to reduce the impact of their printing products on the environment, providing a clear and verifiable standard. Companies in the graphics sector, technical experts and environmental groups were involved in the consultation process when this standard was drafted.

The Eco-print Standard considers the entire production cycle starting from the raw materials used such as paper and inks, to the actual printing, up to the finishing and packaging and transport of the finished product.

The certification is divided into sections comprising:

  • an environmental performance benchmark for the production site, which considers the use of renewable energies, other environmental and energy saving certifications, compliance with legislation and waste management;
  • a product certification, which must be printed on certified paper, without the use of chemical development for the creation of offset printing plates, with controlled printing additives, using vegetable-based, wax-based or water-based inks.

The verification of the certification requirements by an independent body is an added value that allows printers to credibly demonstrate their environmental commitment. Using a specific logo allows you to communicate your sustainability to all customers through your certified prints.

Vireo participated in the drafting of the standard and is the body in charge of the audits to verify the certification requirements.

For more information and to request the Eco-print standard, you can write [email protected] and visit the website


Where can I find the Eco-print standard and other documentation related to this certification?

Vireo can send both the Eco-print© standard and the certification guidelines by email on request.

How long does it usually take to issue an eco-print© certificate?

Vireo undertakes to issue the certificates within 10 working days from the date of the audit.

In the event of particular urgency, companies can inform Vireo of their needs in order to shorten the time required for issuing the certificate.
Please note that obtaining the certificate is subject to the positive outcome of the audit.

What are the advantages of this environmental certification for a company?

Having been awarded the certification, companies can demonstrate their commitment to the environment publicly and can access a market that would otherwise would be out of reach.

How can consumers recognize Eco-print© certified products?

Certified paper products are identified by an on-product label. Each label contains a unique license code that identifies the certified organization that manufactured the product.

Can i apply the Eco-print© label on a product that has other sustainability labels such as fsc and pefc?

Eco-Print© is a low environmental impact printing process certification and its on-product label can be used together with other sustainability labels such as FSC and PEFC, which can also certify the sustainable origin of the raw material.



This document describes the requirements that each company must apply in order to obtain the Eco-Print certification.


This document in Italian describes the requirements for the proper use of Eco-Print logos.


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