The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is an independent organization established in 2007 by UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program, and UNWTO, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, for promoting the increased knowledge, understanding and adoption of sustainable tourism practices.
With GSTC certification, destinations can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable tourism through a credible and internationally recognized brand.
Obtaining GSTC certification is the most prestigious achievement for tourist destinations that make sustainability a fundamental element of their offer.

The GSTC criteria are recognized worldwide and are developed around four fundamental concepts:

  • Sustainable Management (Governance)
  • Socio-economic sustainability
  • Cultural sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability

The GSTC mark is obtained through the Vireo certification service. Vireo is a GSTC accredited certification body. This means that the certification service is carried out and managed according to the accreditation standard, which defines methods, procedures and timing for verification audits, ensuring the independence and credibility of the entire system.


In October 2021 Vireo opened operational headquarters in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano dedicated to GSTC Certification.


The GSTC certification aims to promote the concept of sustainability in the tourism sector in a practical and comprehensive way, through the implementation of basic principles and requirements which reduce the impact on the environment, highlight the local cultural heritage and optimize social and economic benefits for local communities.
When the destination is ready to carry out the verification, Vireo schedules a first certification audit (Main Assessment). In this phase, the requirements of the GSTC standard applicable to the destination are verified and, if the verification is successful, the certificate is issued a few days after the verification.
he GSTC certificate has a duration of 3 years.
GSTC certified destinations can promote their status by using the GSTC logo on their website and promotional materials, distinguishing themselves and publicizing their commitment to implementing a sustainable asset management system
Vireo is a young and dynamic certification body, able to manage any type of certification thanks to a wealth of experience and knowledge of the standards, as well as the competence and professionalism of its auditors. Companies choose us because our service is flexible, attentive and customer-focussed. FAQ



The GSTC Certification Agreement applies to all assessment and certification services offered and rendered to clients of the international Vireo Group, and its partner.


This document contains the Criteria and Outcome Indicators developed by the GSTC for destinations.


This document contains the Criteria and Outcome Indicators developed by the GSTC for the hotel sector.


This document contains the Criteria and Outcome Indicators developed by the GSTC for tour operators.


This procedure describes how to report and resolve disputes and conflicts.


Document describing the main features of GSTC certification and its certification process


This procedure describes Vireo’s policy of impartiality.


Development of an innovative Sustainability Performance Manager (SPM) software


Full list of GSTC certificates issued by Vireo

On this page you can find the complete list of GSTC certificates issued by Vireo.
For each certificate are specified: the type (Hotel, Tour Operator, Destination), the code, the issue and expiry date, and the status.

Reference Standards
Hotel:GSTC Hotel Criteria, Version 3
Tour Operator:GSTC Tour Operator Criteria, Version 3
Destination: GSTC Destination Criteria, Version 2.0

Certified CompanyCertification TypeCertification CodeIssue DateExpire DateStatusCityCountryCertificate
Comune di SienaDestinationGSTC DVR23010223/02/202322/02/2026ValidSiena (SI)ItalyGSTC certificate Comune di Siena
Consorzio di Promozione Turistica del Tarvisiano, di Sella Nevea e del Passo Pramollo Soc Cons ArlDestinationGSTC DVR21010106/05/202105/05/2024ValidTarvisio (UD)ItalyGSTC certificate Cons di Promozione Turistica
Cooperativa Turistica San Vigilio & San MartinDestinationGSTC DVR21010430/08/202129/08/2024ValidMarebbe (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Cooperativa Turistica San Vigilio & San Martino
Alta BadiaDestinationGSTC DVR22010209/08/202208/08/2025ValidLa Villa (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Alta Badia
Nassfeld-Pressegger See, Lesachtal and WeißenseeDestinationGSTC DVR21010302/08/202101/08/2024ValidHermagor AustriaGSTC certificate Nassfeld-Pressegger See - Lesachtal - Weissensee
Resorts World at Sentosa Pte. Ltd DestinationGSTC DVR21010205/07/202104/07/2024ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate Resorts World at Sentosa Pte Ltd (dest)
Sentosa Development CorporationDestinationGSTC DVR22010115/07/202214/07/2025ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate Sentosa Development Corporation
Valsugana AZIENDA PER IL TURISMO VALSUGANA SOC. COP.DestinationGSTC DVR19010124/06/202223/06/2025ValidLevico Terme (TN)ItalyGSTC certificate Valsugana Azienda per il Turismo Valsugana
Dolomites Val GardenaDestinationGSTC DVR230103 08/03/202307/03/2026ValidSanta Cristina (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Dolomites Val Gardena
Republic of SingaporeDestinationGSTC DVR23010124/01/202323/01/2026ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate Republic of Singapore
Associazione Turistica RenonDestinationGSTC DVR23010420/04/202319/04/2026ValidCollalbo (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Associazione Turistica Renon
Ejder 3200DestinationGSTC DVR23010610/05/202309/05/2026ValidErzurumTurkeyGSTC certificate Ejder 3200
Bressanone Turismo Soc. Coop.DestinationGSTC DVR23010526/04/202325/04/2026ValidBressanone (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Bressanone Turismo Soc. Coop.
Hotel UnionHotelGSTC HAVR1910128/09/202227/09/2025ValidDobbiaco (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Union
Cascina FacelliHotelGSTC HAVR20010112/10/202013/09/2021Terminated 13/09/2021Bossolasco (CN)Italy
Hotel LeitlhofHotelGSTC HAVR19010209/04/201920/09/2021Terminated 20/09/2021San Candido (BZ)Italy
BerghotelHotelGSTC HAVR18010102/10/202101/10/2024ValidSesto (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Berghotel
Camping Enzo Stella MarisHotelGSTC HAVR22010803/08/202202/08/2025ValidCavallino-Treporti (VE)ItalyGSTC certificate Camping Enzo Stella Maris
Hotel BenacusHotelGSTC HAVR22010608/11/202207/11/2025ValidMalcesine (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Benacus
Excelsior Dolomites Life ResortHotelGSTC HAVR21010530/08/202129/08/2024ValidSan Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort
Garni Hotel Diamant ***SHotelGSTC HAVR21010707/10/202106/10/2024ValidSan Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Garni Hotel Diamant
Aqva Boutique HotelHotelGSTC HAVR22010707/12/202206/12/2025ValidSirmione (BS)ItalyGSTC certificate Aqva Boutique Hotel
Hotel i Dammusi di Borgo Cala CretaHotelGSTC HAVR21010907/12/202106/12/2024ValidLampedusa (AG)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel i Dammusi di Borgo Cala Creta
Hotel PföslHotelGSTC HAVR22010215/06/202214/06/2025ValidNova Ponente (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Pfösl
Centara Hotels & ResortsHotelGSTC HAVR22011014/12/202213/12/2025ValidBangkokThailandGSTC certificate Centara Hotels & Resorts
Villa PetrioloHotelGSTC HAVR22010512/10/202211/10/2025ValidCerreto Guidi (FI)ItalyGSTC certificate Villa Petriolo
Hotel WeihrerhofHotelGSTC HAVR22010126/01/202225/01/2025ValidRenon (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Weihrerhof Srl
Il Borgo di Villa CellaiaHotelGSTC HAVR21010228/01/202127/01/2024Suspended Dicomano (FI)ItalyGSTC certificate Il Borgo di Villa Cellaia
Les Gomines B&BHotelGSTC HAVR21010630/08/202129/08/2024ValidSan Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Les Gomines B&B
Resorts World at Sentosa Pte. Ltd HotelGSTC HAVR21010417/07/202116/07/2024ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate Resorts World at Sentosa Pte. Ltd
Hotel Villa MalaspinaHotelGSTC HAVR22011123/12/202222/12/2025ValidCastel D’Azzano (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Villa Malaspina
The Barefoot Eco HotelHotelGSTC HAVR21010118/01/202117/01/2024ValidHanimaadhoo MaldivesGSTC certificate The Barefoot Eco Hotel
Hotel IdealHotelGSTC HAVR22010417/11/202216/11/2025ValidSirmione (BS)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Ideal
Villa LoviHotelGSTC HAVR21010826/11/202125/11/2024ValidBassano del Grappa (VI)ItalyGSTC certificate Villa Lovi
VOIHotels SpaHotelGSTC HAVR21010324/06/202123/06/2024ValidRoma (RM)ItalyGSTC certificate VOIHotels Spa
Yayasan Sabah (Imbak Canyon Conservation Area)HotelGSTC HAVR22010907/12/202206/12/2025ValidKota Kinabalu, SabahMalaysiaGSTC certificate Yayasan Sabah (Imbak Canyon Conservation Area)
Yayasan Sabah (Maliau Basin Conservation Area)HotelGSTC HAVR22010316/06/202215/06/2025ValidKota Kinabalu
GSTC certificate Yayasan Sabah (Maliau Basin Conservation Area)
Antica Locanda al CervoHotelGSTC HAVR23010116/02/202315/02/2026ValidSan Genesio (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Antica Locanda al Cervo
Hotel De' Capuleti SrlHotelGSTC HAVR23010204/03/202303/03/2026ValidVerona (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel De' Capuleti Srl
Albergo Diffuso Sauris soc. coop.HotelGSTC HAVR23010320/04/202319/04/2026ValidSauris (UD)ItalyGSTC certificate Albergo Diffuso Sauris soc. coop.
Hotel Ocelle HotelGSTC HAVR23010421/04/202320/04/2026ValidSirmione (BS)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Ocelle
Duja Bodrum OtelHotelGSTC HAVR23010526/04/202325/04/2026ValidBodrum/MuğlaTurkeyGSTC certificate Duja Bodrum Otel
Hotel Ai DogiHotelGSTC HAVR23010727/04/202326/04/2026ValidPalmanova (UD)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Ai Dogi
Camping Sass Dlacia HotelGSTC HAVR23010627/04/202326/04/2026ValidSan Cassiano (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Camping Sass Dlacia
Casa Valcellina di Enache MarianHotelGSTC HAVR23010815/05/202314/05/2026ValidMontereale Valcellina (PN)ItalyGSTC certificate Casa Valcellina di Enache Marian
Hotel Ütia de BörzHotelGSTC HAVR23011017/05/202316/05/2026ValidSan Martino in Badia (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Hotel Ütia de Börz
Naturhotel RainerHotelGSTC HAVR23011209/06/202308/06/2026ValisRacines (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Naturhotel Rainer
LYF One-North SingaporeHotel GSTC HAVR23011114/06/202313/06/2026ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate LYF One-North Singapore
Forte VillageHotelGSTC HAVR23011316/06/202315/06/2026ValidPula (CA)ItalyGSTC certificate Forte Village
Le Louise Hotel Brussels HotelGSTC HAVR23011419/06/202318/06/2026ValidBruxellesBelgiumGSTC certificate Le Louise Hotel Brussels
Parkhotel LaurinHotelGSTC HAVR23011520/06/202319/06/2026ValidBolzano (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Parkhotel Laurin
Novotel Paris 20 BellevilleHotelGSTC HAVR23011622/06/202321/06/2026ValidParis FranceGSTC certificate Novotel Paris 20 Belleville
Somerset Greenways ChennaiHotelGSTC HAVR23010909/05/202308/05/2026ValidChennaiIndiaGSTC certificate Somerset Greenways Chennai
Westmed SrlTour OperatorGSTC TOVR18010220/12/201803/11/2021Terminated 03/11/2021Genova (GE)Italy
Erga SrlTour OperatorGSTC TOVR19010116/07/202216/07/2025ValidSiracusa (SR)ItalyGSTC certificate Erga Srl, RA ver 2
Ways SBTour OperatorGSTC TOVR21010203/06/202102/06/2024ValidVerona (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate Ways SB
Applicon Tours d.o.o.Tour OperatorGSTC TOVR21010102/03/202119/07/2022Terminated 19/07/2022Dubrovnik Croatia
Meet and Greet SrlTour OperatorGSTC TOVR20010112/11/202027/07/2022Terminated 27/07/2022Roma (RM)Italy
Hotel Am KonzerthausHotelGSTC HAVR23011717/07/202316/07/2026ValidViennaAustriaGSTC certificate Hotel Am Konzerthaus
The Fullerton Hotel SingaporeHotelGSTC HAVR23011818/07/202317/07/2026ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
The Fullerton Bay Hotel SingaporeHotelGSTC HAVR23011918/07/202317/07/2026ValidSingaporeSingaporeGSTC certificate The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
Naturhotel Leitlhof HotelGSTC HAVR23012104/08/202303/08/2026ValidSan Candido (BZ)ItalyGSTC certificate Naturhotel Leitlhof
Camping Village MediterraneoHotelGSTC HAVR23012323/08/202322/08/2026ValidCavallino Treporti (VE)ItalyGSTC certificate Camping Village Mediterraneo
Camping Village dei FioriHotelGSTC HAVR23012223/08/202322/08/2026ValidCavallino Treporti (VE)ItalyGSTC certificate Camping Village dei Fiori
Piani di ClodiaHotelGSTC HAVR23012025/07/202324/07/2026ValidLazise (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate Piani di Clodia
Camping Village CavallinoHotelGSTC HAVR23012404/09/202303/09/2026ValidCavallino-Treporti (VE)ItalyGSTC certificate Camping Village Cavallino
La Rocca Camping VillageHotelGSTC HAVR23012505/09/202304/09/2026ValidBardolino (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate La Rocca Camping Village
Relais Fra’ LorenzoHotelGSTC HAVR23012611/09/202310/09/2026ValidVerona (VR)ItalyGSTC certificate Relais Fra’ Lorenzo
Villaggio Rosapineta SudHotelGSTC HAVR23012711/09/202310/09/2026ValidRosolina Mare (RO)ItalyGSTC certificate Villaggio Rosapineta Sud
Villaggio Rosolina Mare ClubHotelGSTC HAVR23012814/09/202313/09/2026ValidRosolina Mare (RO)ItalyGSTC certificate Villaggio Rosolina Mare Club
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