GoodAuditing is Vireo’s and its partners way of performing certification activities


  • Knowledge of certification schemes
  • Auditor experience gained through many audits in the field and in different sectors
  • Continuing Education
  • Continuous exchange of opinions and audit experiences


  • Professional approach
  • Non-inquisitive attitude
  • Open communication channels
  • Availability and reliability

Value added

  • Comprehensive view of the certification process
  • Constructive approach in explaining any non-conformities found during audits
  • Sharing experiences with certified organisations

GoodAuditing goes beyond the field audit:

  • Companies certified with Vireo can always engage with a certification manager. Vireo always guarantees a reference for its clients.
  • Vireo promotes the involvement of auditors in the technical review processes of audit reports and in the management of internal procedures within the entity. This involvement ensures a more comprehensive view of the entire certification process.
  • Vireo has a cohesive group of auditors that grows through ongoing training. Our training plan regularly involves all auditors and is aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding of the standards.
    Our training sessions regularly involve professionals and academics.

Certified by Vireo: Beyond Certification

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