A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

Who we are:

A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel is an “urban resort” hotel located in Rome, Italy. It offers accommodation with a high-standard of comfort and service, unique dining options, spa services, and various amenities tailored for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel aims to provide a sophisticated and comfortable experience for guests visiting the eternal city of Rome. With its contemporary and spacious design, high-quality facilities and convenient location, A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel aims to offer a comfortable and enjoyable stay for its guests.

Tell us about sustainability, what are you good at?

Since 2018, A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and our community. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in various initiatives.
Some of the biggest impact changes we have made in the hotel includes going plastic-free and replacing all necessary plastic with recycled plastic. To save energy we started by replacing every broken bulb with LED bulbs, then we applied solar control films to all the external-facing windows of our hotel and recently we have installed 1300 photovoltaic solar panels. To reduce water wastage, we have adopted eco-friendly solutions for our water faucets and toilet flushing systems.

Our SPA LIVIA, frequented by both international and local guests, uses 100% natural and organic cosmetics without waste or animal testing and has also switched all plastic to jute bags.

Our strength at A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel is the large number of people from all over the world who can, potentially, be impacted and inspired by our sustainable efforts in the hotel. With 276 rooms in the hotel, a large and modern conference center, and also the large local patronage of our restaurant Sapori dal Mondo and our SPA LIVIA, each eco-friendly change that we make in A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel has a multiple positive impact on the environment.

Why did you choose GSTC certification?

We chose GSTC certification because it is internationally recognized and respected in the tourism industry. Achieving this certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices and can assure potential leisure and business guests that they will be traveling responsibly when they stay with us. We also decided to get certified for accountability purposes because the certification process involves detailed assessment, benchmarking and continuous improvement of sustainability performance. By participating in the certification process, we can start to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices to continually enhance our sustainability performance.

Please leave Vireo some feedback

We chose Vireo for our GSTC audit and certification after some exploration and research about other certification boards. We decided that Vireo was the best company for our needs for these reasons: (1) Vireo focuses on the hospitality sector – this makes the assessment and feedback on how we can improve much more specialized and customized, (2) Vireo (Luigi) was very responsive to my initial inquiry by email and I was impressed by the ease at which it was to schedule calls and his immediate follow-ups. He was also very knowledgeable and hands-on, which I did not feel as much of speaking to other certification companies, (3) Vireo is an Italian company and LDC Hotels Italy has 7 properties in Italy, which may make it more convenient to work together in the long-run.

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