Ca’ di Dio Voi Hotel in Venice

Who we are:

Located in a prime location at the entrance to the Arsenal area, Ca’ di Dio is a thirteenth-century palace whose ancient splendor it preserves, thanks to a respectful architectural design capable of enhancing the authentic structure through the grafting of details and materials inspired by the territory. The 4,000-square-meter area, of which 3,000 square meters is used, has two outdoor courtyards, 66 rooms (including 57 rooms and 9 suites), a spa, stores, two restaurants, and two stalls, one of which overlooks the shore overlooking St. George’s Island. For guests reaching the hotel by sea, second access from Rio de l’Arsenal is available for direct boat docking.

Tell us about sustainability, what are you good at?

During the renovation of the premises, we paid particular attention to sustainability, for example through the use of insulation and installing double glazing in the numerous windows in order to limit heat loss.

For the cooling of our equipment, we use non-potable water from the canal, instead of using drinking water from the aqueduct. To reduce packaging, in our restaurants we do not have bottled water, either in plastic or in glass, but we provide guests with micro-filtered water from our systems, while in the kitchens we do not use plastic kitchen films for food storage. The electronical equipment needed in the kitchen and the stores is new and efficient, with low consumption and a single engine. As much as possible, we select local suppliers for fresh produce.

All of our publications are made from recycled paper and among the products that can be purchased in our shops there are also items made from recycled material (such as wallpaper and advertising posters) and these are packaged by Venetian social cooperatives.

We also try to involve our employees and customers in this focus on sustainability: for example, for our employees we have chosen footwear from a company in Padua that uses reclaimed materials, while our customers have the option of choosing when to ask for their room linens to be changed.

Why did you choose GSTC certification?

The GSTC certification is internationally recognized and it can be used as one of the requisites needed in order to qualify for schemes such as Small Luxury Hotels.

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