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Who we are:

In 2017, CapitaLand Investment’s wholly owned lodging business unit, The Ascott Limited, expanded its footprint in India by introducing Citadines OMR Chennai, a 269-room property designed in an apart-hotel concept. Strategically situated on the vibrant OMR road, Citadines OMR Chennai caters to both business executives and leisure travelers by offering the comforts of apartment living combined with hotel services. The property provides a balanced lifestyle through a wide range of lifestyle and recreational facilities, including a fully equipped gymnasium, an infinity pool, a children’s wading pool, a jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms, a coffee shop, a yoga room, and banquet space.

In 2022, Ascott launched its brand refresh program under Ascott CARES, a sustainability framework that integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations with Ascott’s growth strategy. This initiative underscores Ascott’s commitment to sustainable travel for multigenerational families while ensuring an inclusive and harmonious experience. Additionally, Citadines OMR Chennai offers pet-friendly accommodations with convenient pet amenities, ensuring a harmonious experience for all guests.

Tell us about sustainability, what are you good at?

Sustainability has been a core value, at Citadines OMR Chennai since the beginning. Our team is fully dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly practices across all areas of operation. This commitment is reflected in various initiatives that involve both staff and residents, such as creating gifts from repurposed resources, decorating event spaces with discarded materials, installing air-to-water dispensers, using 20-liter bubble tops instead of PET bottles in guest rooms, setting up an EV charging station, employing LED lighting throughout the property, and sourcing guest amenities from local suppliers.

Additionally, our tradition of crafting Christmas trees from recycled materials has consistently earned us accolades, with our creations often recognized as some of the best in the city and featured in newspapers. We firmly believe that achieving a sustainable and profitable future for our organization is possible only through the adoption of environmentally conscious practices. This conviction drives our continuous efforts to integrate sustainability into our operations, benefiting the environment while enhancing our establishment’s reputation and appeal.

At Citadines, sustainability is an ongoing journey. Our team remains unwavering in their commitment to this cause, ensuring that our dedication to eco-friendly practices endures in all our future.

What are the hotel’s strengths? What are the strong points?

Citadines OMR Chennai stands out for several key strengths and strong points that make it a preferred choice for travellers. These include:

Sustainability Commitment: Citadines OMR Chennai places a high priority on environmental responsibility. This commitment is evident in various eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient systems, waste reduction initiatives, and sustainable sourcing of materials. The hotel continually strives to minimize its ecological footprint while providing a comfortable stay for its guests.

Exceptional Service: The hotel is renowned for its warm and exceptional service. The staff at Citadines OMR Chennai go above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and valued. Personalized attention and a proactive approach to guest needs are hallmarks of the service here, creating a home-away-from-home experience.

Modern Amenities: Citadines OMR Chennai offers a comprehensive range of modern amenities designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of its guests. These include well-appointed rooms with contemporary furnishings, high-speed internet access, a fully equipped fitness centre, a swimming pool, and versatile meeting and event spaces. The hotel ensures that both business and leisure travellers have everything they need for a productive and enjoyable stay.

Prime Location: Strategically located on Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), the hotel provides easy access to major business hubs, IT parks, shopping centres, and entertainment options. This prime location makes it an ideal choice for both corporate travellers and tourists looking to explore the vibrant city of Chennai.

Memorable Experiences: Citadines OMR Chennai is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for its guests. Whether through curated local experiences, cultural events, or personalized recommendations, the hotel ensures that guests leave with lasting impressions and cherished memories of their stay.

Comfort and Style: The hotel combines comfort with stylish design, offering a relaxing ambiance that caters to the modern traveller. Spacious accommodations, thoughtful layouts, and attention to detail in every aspect of the property contribute to an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

By focusing on these strengths, Citadines OMR Chennai continues to distinguish itself as a premier apart-hotel, providing an exceptional stay that meets the diverse needs of its guests while upholding high standards of sustainability and service.

Why did you choose GSTC certification?

The certification by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council validates The Ascott Limited’s significant contribution to sustainable tourism. This globally recognized body conducted a thorough evaluation based on criteria such as effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage, and minimizing environmental impacts. Citadines OMR Chennai’s sustainability initiatives were particularly recognized for their efforts to embrace sustainability, thereby enhancing the natural environment, creating appealing tourist attractions, and promoting holistic socio-economic development.

Please leave Vireo some feedback

We are pleased to collaborate with Vireo for the certification of our environmental management systems. Vireo’s team conducted a comprehensive audit, meticulously evaluating our initiatives against all required parameters.

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