Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort in San Vigilio di Marebbe

Who we are:

The Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort is a resort with 65 rooms and suites in San Vigilio di Marebbe in the Dolomites. We are proud to lead our facility into the third generation. We like to prove ourselves as we are. And our guests are like that, too. We wear ties and collars only when we think they are worth it, but without too much rigor. New ideas, on the other hand, in our opinion always deserve a chance to be developed. We encourage you to pay attention to even the smallest things. There is, in our opinion, a luxury of simplicity that does not mean giving something up, but carefully recognizing the value of each and every moment.

Tell us about sustainability, what are you good at?

WE CARE ABOUT OUR STAFF “If the staff feel good, the guests feel good too” – with this motto we support and encourage our employees. We offer fair pay with regular working hours and set rest days: none of our staff works more than 8 hours a day, not even in the kitchen or in room service. ur new staff quarters are the perfect place to take some time out and relax. room service. Our new staff quarters are the perfect place to take some time out and relax. With the various annual and free training courses, a personalized menu, use of the gym and the benefits of the Belvita Fidelity program, we create the ideal conditions for a dream job.

FRESH AND REGIONAL PRODUCTS – Whether it’s food such as milk, jam, honey, eggs and cereals from our local farmers, or meat from our family butcher shop, or sustainable and purely organic products: we always choose freshness and the highest quality.

NO PLASTIC DRINKS – At the bar of our Resort, drinks are never served in plastic or using disposable materials such as straws and coasters. Most of our juices, wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits are regionally sourced.

ORGANIC AND PURE – The dispensers that you can find throughout the Resort and in the rooms contain our personalized organic products from the Pure Green ecological company They are scented with notes of Swiss pine and lemon balm which bring the scent of the mountains to the hotel while respecting the environment Sustainable and biodegradable products from the Uny-Rain company are used for the laundry. The swimming pool in disinfected with salt tablets which produce natural chlorine utilizing the Ospa Chlorozon system. This guarantees safety and a natural bathing experience without risking any allergic reactions.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Our Castelle and Dolomites Lodge buildings are built according to ClimateHouse A and B criteria. For their construction we have used natural materials such as wood fibre panels, natural wood, stone, and recyclable products such as cement, iron and glass. Part of our energy is provided by our cogeneration plant, which produces electricity and thermal energy without additional fuels. Due to the fact that our Infinity Pool is constructed using polyurethane, we consume 30% less energy than a pool built out of stainless steel or concrete. OSPA’s sophisticated flue, disinfection system and heat recovery save an additional 20% in energy costs.

SUPPORTING LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS – It is important for us to support projects and initiatives that enrich the cultural heritage of our community. We support local associations such as the marching band, sports clubs, the parish community centre and the tourism cooperation through financial contributions and by helping out at various holidays and events. Even the choice of artisan partners is in line with our Excelsior Green philosophy: for the new construction of the Dolomites Lodge and for the recent renovation project, we worked with local businesses and companies.

As a traffic-free mountain village with a sustainable mobility concept, San Vigilio offers the unique opportunity to explore the natural landscape without using your car. In summer you can easily reach all the excursion destinations in the region using the free shuttles as well the available ski-lifts. Furthermore, numerous routes for hiking and cycling start directly from our resort. In winter, it is possible to reach the ski slopes directly from our ski depot. In this way we want to protect our Dolomite region and its unique natural environment in the largest UNESCO World Heritage region of South Tyrol.

Why did you choose GSTC certification?

“We are proud to have undertaken this important project which signposts the road for us to follow into the future” says Mr. Werner Call, owner of the Excelsior Resort. “We are proud to have undertaken this important project which signposts the road for us to follow into the future” says Mr. Werner Call, owner of the Excelsior Resort. “GSTC certification is only the beginning and not the point of arrival of our tourism company. I personally see this certification as a process for continuous improvement over the years. This is our challenge, the first step has been taken, now it’s up to us, the Call family, together with our staff and guests, to continue on this path. Currently, there are few tourist facilities in the world to have achieved this certification. With the increase in the number of certified structures and locations, we are able to offer new choices for tourists while respecting the environment and the quality of life of the resident population”.

Obtaining this result will become a milestone for our company, giving clear directives for working under the banner of environmental sustainability, monitoring and reducing consumption of energy and drinking water resources, using sustainable cleaning products, maintaining a good working relationship with staff to guarantee the highest level of well-being and quality of life at work, fair collaboration with the institutions and associations of the country and respect for the culture and work of the resident population.

This process will not only involve our staff, but also our guests who will be able to make their contribution to saving energy and reducing local traffic through the use of public transport. The goal must be to safeguard the natural beauty of region as well as protecting the environment and saving resources and thus ensure its preservation for future generations.

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hanks to the professionalism and technical expertise of Vireo, we were able to discover our potential and the possibility of managing our company in a sustainable way, thus giving us the great satisfaction of making our own small contribution to improving the climate of our planet and at the same time achieving our corporate objectives, thus also offering a positive outlook to our staff and to the region in which we live.

Thank you for the wonderful cooperation.

Werner, Giulia, Tamara and Noemi Call and all of the Excelsior Team

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