LYF One-North Singapore

Who we are:

•lyf (pronounced “life”) is a hospitality concept that provides coliving spaces for digital nomads, technopreneurs, creatives and self-starters to “live your freedom” in a dynamic environment. The apartments, social spaces and experiential programmes at lyf properties are designed for guests to forge connections and to nurture a strong sense of community.
• lyf one-north Singapore is a new co-living development located at the intersection of the commercial, educational and residential clusters of the One-North district of Singapore. The project adds an affordable, vibrant and lively co-living development to the neighbourhood, catering to young professionals working in the creative and technology companies located within this precinct. More than just an apartment building serving its own residents, the development is designed as a community hub for the neighbourhood.

It offers unique public and communal spaces for comfortable living, socializing and recreation for the co-living residents and the one-north community. lyf one-north houses 324 guestrooms and amenities across two 7-storey blocks linked by an inhabited bridge. Its central public space is an amphitheatre that can be used as a public living room for residents and visitors to commune amidst the lush greenery, or to be used for performances, pop-up activities and exhibitions.

The building uses a palette of precast concrete and landscaping which extends the existing greenery up into the development. The precast concrete façade uses variations in textures and geometry with its integrated sun-shading fins and hoods to express the playful and light-hearted character of the lyf concept. Terraced green planters along the external stairs bookend the building with a cascade of greenery. Origami-like folded walkways and roof canopies evoke paper fans and provide sun and rain protection to these areas.

From the initial concept to construction execution and ongoing operation, sustainability has been a fundamental focus at the property. The development’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized with the prestigious Building & Construction Authority (BCA) GreenMark Gold Plus award.

Tell us about sustainability, what are you good at?

The development façade is designed to be pre-fabricated off-site in concrete, expressed in a jet-washed surface and a corrugated profiled façade.
The pre-fabrication façade means that less formworks are required and wasted in construction as well as lesser carbon footprint in materials transportation to site.
The natural finish concrete façade also does not require major paint finish onto the surface and requires less maintenance over the life cycle of the building. Even the coloured underside of the sunshading fins are painted in mineral paints that are ecologically friendly.
The interior materials used e.g. flooring and paint are either carbon neutral or low VOC materials.
The swimming pool deck and façade uses Accoya long life modified wood which is the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability. This modified wood is sustainably sourced with FSC® certification and it has minimal environmental impact throughout its entire life; from production, through its use, right the way to the end of its life.
The massing of the blocks has been optimised to create passive solar design and the property has been awarded Building Construction Authority’s GreenMark Goldplus award.


1. Strategic location at the intersection of commercial, educational, and residential clusters. Right opposite one-north MRT Station.
2. Affordable and vibrant co-living development catering to young professionals and next generation travellers providing comfortable accommodation with well curated community events.
3. Designed as a community hub for the neighbourhood
4. Unique and well-designed public and communal spaces for comfortable living and socializing
5. Green building design with precast concrete façade and terraced green planters
6. Integration of sustainable features like a heat pump with waste recovery system
7. Utilization of treated reclaimed wastewater for landscape irrigation.
8. Social Bike Hub promoting post-commute cleanliness and reducing carbon footprint
9. Provision of EV charging stations and car-sharing solutions to minimize private car use
10. Efficient VRF air-conditioning system and heat pump for hot water system
11. Utilization of 3D Building Information Modelling for improved coordination
12. Implementation of “Knowcross” software for streamlined operations and guest service coordination
13. Discover ASR App – Experience seamless check-in and enjoy a paperless process with our mobile app. Your smartphone serves as both your room key and a hub for all your bookings and exclusive deals. Enjoy contactless convenience and access everything you need.

Why did you choose GSTC certification?

It’s a group wide initiative and a long term partnership between Ascott and Vireo.

Please leave Vireo some feedback

Thank you! Your expertise and thorough evaluation were instrumental in our success. Thank you for your professionalism and the valuable recommendations provided. We look forward to continuing our partnership in advancing sustainability.

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